Artist Statement


This series of mixed media works on paper does not yet have a title. The works have a general theme that connects them, but there are divergent ideas expressed in each piece. I hesitate to title this series at this point even as they are developing as a group. They currently remind me of the chapters in a book where the main character continues to be revealed as the story moves along. As I continue to work in the layers, transfers, different media, and acrylic in these works, I anticipate that a title will make itself known eventually.


This series involve two my favorite subjects: psychology and art. The imagery originates from one of two sources: sometimes a conscious idea that I want to express, and other times the images stem from what the marks or papers on the canvas suggest to me.  I proceed from an introspective point of view as opposed to direct observation. I try to leave something that a viewer can resonate with in his or her own way.

'FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS' Collage, Mixed Media Series

The theme of flowers in vases is not an original idea. What makes these collages unique for me is the pleasure of mixing patterns, and the personality of each of the vases. I have also incorporated a collaged "frame" as an integral part of each piece. My influences for these works range from the Moroccan works of Henri Matisse, Persian miniatures, and the broken ceramic mosaics of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi.
AIthough I  began this series to provide a relaxing and fun "vacation" from other still-in-process series of works, it has provided me with a challenging opportunity of examining what it means to "blur the boundaries." Often used as a term with psychological implications, it means for me the playful interplay between the "frame" and the "subject." 


While precious stones and metals are shiny, shimmery objects to appreciate, they also evoke human qualities for me. I experience some pieces of jewelry as having a distinct mood or character. A clue to the personality of each of these collage portraits is found in the title that I have whimsically chosen for each.